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Dear Himalaya friends,
here we present to You:

We organize this Project- and Pilgrimage Tour for to start with the preparations

of The Mustang Restoration Project (TMRP), for to support and preserve the buddhist culture

in Mustang - Neppal Himalayas.

You can find more details about this Project in our Website under Proj. 7. in www.himalayaprojekt.org

Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche, one of our precious Karma Kagyu Masters in Nepal and his Mustang Lamas,

are the founder of TMRP. www.shangpa.org

Our task for this time is to draw up an documentation for that we are able to begin

with the first steps for TMRP.

1. Step - Renovation an Old Mani Wheel (built by Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche).

2. Step - Restoration of Stupas (built by Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche)

3. Step - Create an new Karma Kamtsang Monastery close to the Nepal/Tibet border

25th October til 08th. November
Project- and Pilgrimage Tour in Upper Mustang, Nepal, for to support Himalaya Projekt Nb. 7,
The Mustang Restoration Project of Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche

And here I like to introduce You our Project- and Pilgrimage tour in

Upper Mustang - Nepal. If You are interested in this tour please contact
us under info@adlertreks.com or anna.elisabeth.bach@himalayaprojekt.org

 We are travelling with two monks of Shangpa Rinpoche, Samten and Tenzin, they take care for our Samar Gompa in Upper Mustang.


Himalaya Medicine Buddha Tour in the Mt. Everest Region, Solokhumbu in Nepal
12th. til 28th. November
info email Anna Elisabeth Bach: anna.elisabeth.bach@web.de


With very best wishes from Swoyambhu Kathmandu
Anna and Lhakpa


Upcoming Project in 2015 - BuddhaGarden - in Landau-Germany




Dear Sir or Madam, dear friends,

We would like to introduce you to our BuddhaGarden 2015 at the Federal State Garden Exhibition 2015 in Landau, Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) in Germany. See also www.buddhaheilpflanzen.org and http://lgs-landau.de.

Campaigner of the BuddhaGarden project is our society Himalaya Projekt e.V. Our goal is to use the Federal State Garden Exhibition as a platform to promote our activities in the Nepal Himalayas, to present the Buddhist culture of the Nepal Himalayas, and to introduce the Karmapa International Buddhist Society www.kibsociety.org (KIBS), New Delhi, India and its activity now in Europe. Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje very kindly supports and blessed our project.

 The organization of the Federal State Garden Exhibition is expecting around 800,000 visitors. We will offer a special program: Himalayan days, talks about the Buddhist Nepal Himalayas, the Tibetan Buddhist medicine and others, appearances with Mahakala Lama Dances of our Karma Kagyu lamas from Pokhara, Nepal, are planned.

 Our wish is that Venerable Dupsing Rinpoche together with Lama Ole Nydahl will inaugurate the BuddhaGarden on May 1st 2014. An opening program will follow and will last until May 4th. You are now warmly invited to get there and join us.

 Who thinks that our important project is worth supporting can help with donating money and/ or material.

Here is our donation account:

 Bank: Sparkasse Southern Wine Route in Landau

Recipient: Himalayan Project e.V.

Project: Landau Buddha Garden 2015

Bank Code: 548 500 10

Account number: 17 00 18 39 30


IBAN: DE77 5485 0010 1700 1839 30

 For further information you can contact Diyap Özdüzenciler, manager of our BuddhaGarden project 2014. Email:Diyap.Oez@gmail.com

 With very best wishes,

Your BuddhaGarden team and the Himalaya Projekt society



The Nepal Tiger Project