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11th till 24th November 
Himalaya Medicine Buddha Tour in the Mt. Everest Region, Solokhumbu in Nepal
We explore the Healing Buddha Mandala, named Tanadug on the outer-,
inner- and secret level...............
Project of the Institute of Sowa Rigpa Sciences and the Sowa Rigpa Foundation
Founding an Infocentre and Healingplant Garden about the Himalayan Buddhist Medicine in
Solokhumbu, below the Mt. Everst.
info email Anna Elisabeth Bach: institutsowarigpa@posteo.de



13th till 23rd December

Kagyu Monlam in Bodhgaya

Amchi activity for the Karmapa Health Care Project


24th December till 10th January

Medicine Camp Sherpa Land

Dharma Project of www.sowa-rigpa-de.org and with support

of www.himalayaprojekt.org and www.khcp.org


Earth Quake hit Sherpa LandEarth Quake hit Sherpa Land













Anna’s Medicine Buddha Retreats - Dharma Travels 2016


Dear Dharma friends,

Please support us with your kind wishes and that we are able to fullfil our Bodhisattva promises

and have the capacity in mind and body to perform these Dharma activities.

Sarva Mangalam!!!

The benefits from all these activities are flowing in Dharma projects in Europe

and Nepal.


14th January arrival in the Sowa Rigpa House Boppard-Germany


20th January - 17. February Medicine Buddha Travel North- und Middle America (Miami, Mexico, NY County)

Miami please here Ismael Gavida isma10506@gmail.com

Mexico please here Viv Elting vivcarriles@hotmail.com

New York County please here Ellen Sokolow 


Nepal Pilgrimage 2016

29th January till 13th February

We explore the ancient buddhist history in Nepal, visit the birth places of the 1., 2. and 4th. Buddha.......

Mahakala Retreat, Mahakala Dance and Losar 2015 in the Jangchub Choeling Monastery in Pokhara


info email: adler.adv.treks@gmail.com 


26th - 28th February Body Exercises Part I according to the Sowa Rigpa Transmission - Retreat

in Boppard-Germany

please email to anna.elisabeth.bach@web.de


3rd. - 06th March Medicine Buddha Retreat Middle rhine in Boppard

please email to Christiane Friedrichs christiane.friedrichs@gmx.de


4th - 26th May Pilgrimage Nepal Himalaya Upper Dolpo with Tseyang Rinpoche

info email to adler.adv.treks@gmail.com



02nd - 05th June Medicine Buddha Retreat Austria - Lunzer Lake -

please email to Hermann Weingärtner 818sportbetreuung@gmail.com


9th - 12th June Medicine  Buddha Retreat Middle rhine in Boppard - Germany

please email to Christiane Friedrichs christiane.friedrichs@gmx.de


15th - 17th July Body Exercise Part II according to the Sowa Rigpa Transmission - Retreat

please email to anna.elisabeth.bach@web.de


18th - 21st August  Medicine Buddha Retreat Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary - Tara Centre

please email to Katarina Pukacova K.Pukacova@adinvest.cz


30th August - 04th September Medicine Buddha Retreat Hungary - Corompusta

please email to Bernadett Somogyi w.somogyi.bernadett@gmail.com


15th - 18th September Medicine Buddha Retreat Middle rhine in Boppard - Germany

please email to Christiane Friedrichs christiane.friedrichs@gmx.de


 2nd - 30th October Sowa Rigpa Expedition im the Nepal Himalayas


31st Oktober - 06th November Amchi Medicine Camp Sherpa Land



11th - 19th November 7 Days Medicine Buddha Retreat Middle rhine in Boppard - Germany

(fixed amount of members)


15th - 22nd December KagyuMonlam Bodhgaya


24th December Christmas days with family and friends in our Sowa Rigpa House Boppard - Germany




We would like to inform You about an special project in the Sherpa-Land in Nepal.
The Nepal Tiger Project

founded by John Brooks from California-USA for to protect the last Tigers in the Nepal-Himalayas.
John received a very strong blessing from Ven. Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche for his activity.
You can find detailed informations in this blog nepaltigers.blogspot.com